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Sneaky Travel: Will Ferrell's Honeymoon Prank

Where: Paris, France
March 19, 2008 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

Will Ferrell allegedly cooked up a scheme to make sure his friend, a struggling actor, had a deluxe honeymoon. He disguised his plan with the help of the man's agent, who called to send him and his new bride to Paris for a week for an audition that never happened--and then on to Rome, where the audition again failed to happen while the couple was enjoying a week-long Roman holiday.

Was he pissed when he found out he didn't have a job? Maybe, but hey, free honeymoon, right?

It was sure nice of Will, but what about the rest of us? No matter how much you travel, your honeymoon can be a bear to plan--and pay for. Whether your parents or guests are chipping in, or you're buying it yourself, you fantasize about only having one honeymoon so you want to make it right.

One easy way to trim the fat without sacrificing? Travel somewhere off-season. Europe is good right now, despite the Euro, but the Caribbean is better next fall. Check out this list of off-season destinations to help you plan. Oh, and congrats on the wedding, Will Ferrell's friend!

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