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Chameleon Airline Travel: What Is Porter Airlines Exactly?

March 17, 2008 at 10:02 AM | by | ()

We're having some trouble slapping a label on nascent Canadian carrier Porter Airlines. The company's turboprops will soon be flying between Toronto's City Centre Airport and Newark International, just outside New York City.

What's so confusing about the carrier? While restricted fares are low, you can also get fully refundable tickets. The airline offers a lounge-like setting at its hub in Toronto--complete with free WiFi, snacks and drinks--but it doesn't do the same at its destination airports. And perhaps most notably, it only flies turboprop aircraft.

So is it a low cost carrier? Not exactly. Officials say they aren't trying to beat competitors on price, and a quick Kayak search shows they aren't the rock-bottom cheapest for Toronto-NYC flights. Is it a shuttle service like the one between Boston and New York? Not exactly, since it's flying internationally and with less frequency.

One thing's for sure. While some of us don't mind flying on Dash 8 props, we know plenty of people who hate planes without jet engines. And where's the in-flight entertainment? It's a short-haul flight, sure, but a little live TV never hurt anyone.

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