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Top Secret Airline Watch: Yeager LCC Will Be Called JetAmerica

March 13, 2008 at 2:43 PM | by | ()

According to a Jaunted tipster, and now confirmed by the Charleston Daily Mail, Skybus founder John Weikle's Project New Horizons has an official name: JetAmerica, World Police. Ok, we made up the world police part. Besides, you would think an airline based at Yeager would go after a name like The Right Stuff -- nope.

JetAmerica Inc. was registered on Nov. 26 with the federal Securities and Exchange Commission.

JetAmerica is a name from the aviation bone yard. Seven California businessmen established an airline with that name in 1981 in Long Beach. The original JetAmerica started with flights between Long Beach and Chicago.

...an action adventure airline from the creators of South Park Skybus.

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