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Cheapskate Travel: BoltBus Adding Boston

March 11, 2008 at 9:47 AM | by | ()

We got pretty excited last week when BoltBus announced it would start service between DC and NYC for only a buck. Of course, that's because we spend a lot of time in both cities. But word is that the cheap seats--an the accompanying free WiFi--will be rolling into Boston very soon.

The Boston Globe has the news:

[BoltBus] said that the service would begin in April and that buses would run out of South Station...It's the same kind of service Vamoose started to launch last year until it ran afoul of ordinances in Boston and Cambridge.

Both companies are looking to compete with Lucky Star and the sometimes-mechanically-challenged Fung Wah, which offer service for a couple bucks less but without the amenities--or the guaranteed seating.

A check of the BoltBus website this morning doesn't uncover any mention of Boston service, but you'd better book fast when tickets do go on sale: One-way seats for April trips between DC and NYC are already going for an oh-so-pricey $7.

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