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Oscars Travel: "Vanity Fair" Cancels Its Keg Order

February 6, 2008 at 8:45 AM | by | ()

While rumors of the ending of the WGA strike seem to be running rampant, at least one star seeker is not optimistic: After promising that the party would continue, "Vanity Fair" magazine officially canceled its flash post-Oscar bash. A statement offered support for the writers, who as of now do not have waivers to write for the Jon Stewart-hosted awards ceremony, and said that having a party at this time would not be appropriate.

Now we'll have to take our couture gowns back for real. Hey, there's always George Clooney's house--Angelina Jolie said at Newsweek's Oscars roundtable that the party would be there. We'll bring some popcorn, but we can't promise that we'll be rooting for "Michael Clayton."

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