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JetBlue Free Headphones Fly Off Into The Sunset

February 4, 2008 at 5:21 PM | by | ()

Starting today, if you want a headset on JetBlue you'll have to pay for it. We actually shrugged off this policy back when it was announced, thinking, fine, we'll finally plug in our iPod headphones and stop mindlessly taking their free ones.

Turns out, JetBlue staffers agree with us. During the pre-flight announcement on a BOS to RDU flight last Friday here is what we were told (and we are paraphrasing here):

Starting Monday, February 4, JetBlue will be charging for headphones, so be sure to bring your own, which will undoubtedly be better than ours, which are just terrible. No really, our headphones are awful. If you want, you can still purchase headphones from us, but they will be a bit upgraded--your own are no doubt still better.

This announcement was met with chuckles and we immediately plugged in our iPod headphones. Guess what? They did work better, but, as soon as the captain came on to announce that we were reaching our cruising altitude, the in-flight entertainment system let out a shrill high-pitched noise that was very Dementorish. We're lucky our inner ear is still intact.

So, it looks like we'll have to purchase some new headphones, but here is our question: Will all headphones react in a similar fashion?

Anyone know of headphones that won't unleash ear-killing tones mid-flight?

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Archived Comments:

Not Exactly True

The free ones are still available, just by request onboard only.  Trying to cut down on the waste.

Jet Blue headphones

That announcement that was given on your BOS-RDU flight was incorrect.  The free headphones will no longer be available at the gates, but will always be available on flights, upon request.  We flight attendants won't be going through the aisle anymore offering the free headsets, but if a passenger requests one, we'll be happy to give them one.

Ah cool...

So I am going to request the free ones until I find a nice pair of headphones that won't screech -- thanks for clearing that up.