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Virgin America is Flying High

February 18, 2008 at 4:21 PM | by | ()

Do you love Virgin America so much, you want to marry it? Well you can! Nah, just kidding. But you can work there!

Sir Richard Branson's low cost carrier is doing so well stateside that Virgin America plans to double its workforce and the number of cities that it serves.

CEO C. David Cush said the young business expects to hire 1,000 people, most of whom will work out of the Burlingame headquarters or as flight staff based at San Francisco International Airport. That would bring the company's head count to 2,000 employees by the end of 2008.

Meanwhile, the carrier, which flies to six cities now, could fly to as many as 12 cities by 2009.

While the new cities aren't confirmed, Cush did hint at opening service in Chicago and Boston.

In some more good news, the airline is looking into strategic partnerships with Branson's other airlines, Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Blue. The plan would allow a passenger to book flights on one carrier and end on Virgin America, or vice versa.

But perhaps the best news of all is that Virgin America's expansion plans are striking fear in the hearts of other airlines--like Jet Blue and Alaska Airlines who have added new routes in order to ward off VA's market domination. It's awesome for us flyers because we get more fare and route options, not to mention a race to be the first airline with in-flight WiFi.

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Archived Comments:


I have been pushing for that one -- let's see if it happens.  What is next after Seattle?  Have we confirmed MIA is next or is that still in the rumor bin?

nice score

Juliana -  you rock for getting them to hint at Chicago and Boston. I had my fingers crossed Chicago would be one of them!



Miami has been pushed back because they were not able to launch it on time to capture peak travel (which is winter/spring) and want to launch it during peak season.

Chicago in June, Boston in July, Miami in October/November. That's it for 2008.