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Naked On A Plane

February 1, 2008 at 9:15 AM | by | ()

You might be surprised to know we've informed you about nude cruises before. What we haven't been able to promote until now is the pleasure of a nude flight. But we're pleased to tell you that gap in the market has been filled by a German tour company.

Apparently the Germans are rather fond of showing the world their private bits--they have some hotels where you're even allowed to eat in the restaurant naked. So a flight is not much of a stretch. The inaugural nude flight is scheduled for July 5, 2008, as a day trip from Erfurt to the Baltic resort of Usedom.

Just 55 people will be able to get a ticket for this trip--they're using a small plane--and none of them will be able to take their clothes off until after takeoff. And the flight attendants will be leaving their clothes on, for safety reasons. This sounds like one flight on which no one will care if the in-flight entertainment system fails.

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Archived Comments:

I think I might prefer snakes on a plane....

to nekkid people on a plane.  Um...there's just some people who don't need to be showing the world their nekkidness.  


What, were German planes getting too sanitary?

The good news ...

The good news is that this flight is pretty expensive (I think about 400 Euros??) so there's not much danger that I'll accidentally book on it as a budget flight. Thank god for that.