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Australia's National Breakfast Spread Gets Its Own Museum

December 9, 2008 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

Anyone with half an inkling of Aussie culture will know that Vegemite, the thick black salty stuff they like to spread on their toast, has cult status Down Under. It's practically a national symbol.

Which might explain why this breakfast spread is important enough to have its own museum. The Vegemite Museum is rumored to be going into the Docklands area of Melbourne, which should put it somewhere near the new Ferris wheel if it ever starts spinning.

The gossip says that the museum will have a big V-for-Vegemite-shaped entrance in the trademark red and yellow colors and there'll be old jars, advertising relics and recipes. If Australia's getting a Vegemite museum then it can't be long until the US opens a peanut-butter-and-jelly museum too, right?

One word of warning for non-Australians who venture to the Vegemite Museum in the future: It's a kind of taste you really have to grow up on. Don't spoil your day by eating it in their café.

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Archived Comments:

Gross on toast is right

I'm trying to think of foods I dislike more than Vegemite... and I'm coming up with none.

I've had worse

but I'm not anxious to try the stuff again. Maybe you do really need to grow up with it.

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Not gross on toast! ...

... I repeat, "Not gross on toast"! I can't believe this phrase is on a post I wrote :-) You guys just have the most immature taste buds ever. Vegemite is THE BEST. I'm so going to be the first in line when that museum opens.