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Wakeboarding In Venice: New Attraction Or New Crime?

Where: Venice, Italy
December 3, 2008 at 9:20 AM | by | ()

As we (unfortunately) promised, a second surge of floodwaters hit Venice yesterday, peaking at just over three feet. But with the windy weather now calming down, experts are predicting the flooding will subside and Venetians will soon have a chance to dry off a bit.

It doesn't sound like all the locals have been as upset by the flooding as they should be. One guy thought that a flooded St Mark's Square made a great venue for a bit of wakeboarding.

Of course, we know that the Venetian authorities are on a big campaign to ban anything that's fun, so we weren't surprised that the wakeboarder was quickly arrested by local police. Pity, perhaps Venice could have turned its flood woes into an adventure travel paradise.

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[Photo: BBC]

Archived Comments:


I will admit that I would totally do that if I knew how to wakeboard. How is he being pulled? You don't learn this important fact from the video and I need it if I want to ever fulfill my destiny.

destiny ...

... yeah, I'm not sure how he got pulled either because ... well, I would have thought the whole thing was impossible if I hadn't seen the video. Good luck on that destiny fulfillment thing!


He's being pulled by a winch. This site is dedicated to winching. LaSEWER.com


Well, I have to admit I am glad they can wakeboarding in the Venezian Canals, unless you are being pulled by a rower..


I was of course trying to say: I am glad they BAN (not can) wakeboarding in the canals..