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Man v. Food: If You Don't Puke, It's Free

December 2, 2008 at 12:57 PM | by | ()

We normally don't get too excited about food travel shows. Seriously, how many times can you watch Anthony Bourdain eat a sheep testicle or some other bizarre find you're never going to actually taste?

But we're intrigued to check out the Travel Channel's new series Man v. Food, in which host Adam Richman travels across America investigating our most nationalistic culinary tradition: Eating as much as is humanly possible.

Richman visits the kind of places that offer you a 72-ounce steak for free, if you can finish it without vomiting. Items on deck for the show, which starts Wednesday, include the Ohio Deli's "biggest Dagwood sandwich in the country"--a 2.5-pound behemoth of ham, turkey and roast beef; the 30-inch pizza at Big Pie Pizza in Atlanta; and "the hottest curry in the world" at New York's Brick Lane.

After the jump, video of Adam taking on Big Texas Steak Ranch's 72-ounce sirloin.

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[Photo: The Travel Channel]

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I am gonna watch

I don't know why, but this interests me. On a personal note, I ate 10 chalupas once at a Taco Bell in Jefferson City, Missouri. I did it just for the joy of eating (and because my friend Damien bet me the price of our food that he could eat more). It has all been downhill for me since.