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Advertisers Heating Up Chicago, We Don't Mind

December 2, 2008 at 10:05 AM | by | ()

Except in a few forward-thinking cities, advertising eyesores are as much a part of the urban fabric as cabs and skyscrapers. But we'd be happy to tolerate the newest marketing in Chicago, where today's high is forecast to be 34: Stove Top Stuffing will be blasting hot air into 10 bus shelters until the end of the month.

Kraft, the company that makes Stove Top, has hired the advertising agency that controls bus stops in the city to add heat-channeling metal plates to the roofs of shelters in downtown Chicago, though we're still trying to figure out exactly where all the hot spots are. (At least a couple are along Michigan Avenue and along State Street.)

The idea behind the so-called experiential ads is that you'll feel warm and fuzzy when waiting for your bus, just like you do when you're gobbling down holiday fixin's. Kraft also plans to hand out sample size cups of stuffing this month to drive home the connection. Whatever: We're just trying to warm up, thanks!

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Archived Comments:

Forward-thinking city? Hardly.

Doesn't it seem a tad bit wasteful to put heaters in outdoor bus shelters? Did nobody at Stove Top's ad agency consider the likelihood that people would associate the brand with the frivolous use of energy? From now on, when I think Stove Top Stuffing, I'll think Global Warming. Still, I do like some good stuffing.


Any business that gets me out of the Chicago wind-chill in December is worthy of my cash.

It's a hot idea!

I think this is great! I'm originally from LA and decided to move after taking a Chicago Tour with my sister. We fell in love with the people and the city. What a great place it is! I think this type of advertising is brilliant! I just wish I had thought of it (lol)