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Free Tickets All Around

November 19, 2008 at 11:14 AM | by | ()

Now this is a trend we can get behind: In the face of a recession, companies are giving away tickets to keep people traveling.

In Mexico, VivaAerobus is giving away seats on certain flights to its hub in Monterrey. You'll have to pick up taxes and fees, but your flight from Austin, Cancun or Puerto Vallarta will be fare-free. And even if you want to connect in Monterrey to another flight, you won't be spending much: One-way tickets start at about $30.

In the US, Megabus will be giving away 100,000 free seats starting today for travel January 14-March 18, 2009. Just type in the promo code "greenbus" to see if your dates and routes are eligible. We randomly picked a trip between New York and Baltimore on January 15 and found six trips with free seats out of 14 daily departures. (Of course, the other trips were priced at $1 and $4, but still!)

And in Europe, Ryanair's 1 million free seat promotion continues until Friday. As usual, you'll cover the taxes and fees--and might get slapped with additional fees if you're not careful about the weight of your luggage--but the upside is a "free" flight. Even better? The carrier has a handy PDF of all the current availabilities so you don't waste your afternoon digging through city pairs and departure times.

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Archived Comments:


Wait, wait. But Ryanair DOES pay the taxes for you on the sale. Weeee!! And for the baggage-less, word has it that non-EUeans can select the check-in online with 0 bags to save that fee too, that they are normally required to pay for checking at the airport, and then have to be (well at least normally will be) allowed free check-in at the airport. (Due to Ryanair not wanting to get sued from EU anti-discrimination laws.) So that leaves 1 credit card fee... €5 round trip. Mwahahaha.


OK so I THINK I have a free roundtrip to Philly booked with this deal. I say "i think" because when I submitted payment, the page wouldn't load due to overloading of the site's server. Then I got an email saying my 50-cent reservation fee had been successfully processed, but I got no megabus confirmation or resy number. I suppose I should call them, but I will wait until tomorrow since it is late now and I kinda hyper-caffeinated and I don't think anyone should have to deal with me over the phone right now.

And the fourth ...

Tiger Airways are doing the same thing. Just taxes to pay on flights from Australia to Asia (saw some incredibly cheap fares ...); and Qantas is doing 2 for ones so getting from Australia to Europe is so much cheaper than usual, as long as you're going with a friend!