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Delta Announces World Domination Plans

November 12, 2008 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

This is why Delta wanted to hook up with Northwest so bad: The soon-to-be supercarrier announced 15 new routes today, 12 of which aren't served by any US airlines. The focus of the planned expansions? Japan, Africa and Europe.

Delta already had direct US-Africa flights on lockdown, but with more planes on hand, it will further expand service there, to cities like Cape Town, Lagos, Luanda and Monrovia. As for Japan, the former Northwest hub at Tokyo-Narita will now be at Delta's disposal, for extra in-bound flights from Atlanta, New York and Salt Lake City.

The additional destinations and frequencies are great news if you already live in or near Delta (or NWA) hubs, but those of you on the fringes of the system might be in for trouble:

To prepare for the summer 2009 schedule, Delta in January will increase connectivity between its US hubs to improve customers’ connections to the world. Overall, Delta will offer 14.5 percent more capacity between Atlanta, Detroit, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, Salt Lake City, New York and Memphis in January 2009 compared with the year prior.

This doesn't necessarily mean Delta will be cutting service to smaller markets... But it could!

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