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Saturday Video Hotness: Ticked-Off Elephants and Handsy Baboons

Where: Benin
October 4, 2008 at 11:59 AM | by | ()

Grab a coffee and start your weekend off with a few minutes of wild animal safari and ambient techno. This groovy new clip from Boing Boing tv was shot in the northwest corner of Benin, near the border with Burkino Faso, and it takes you out into the wilds of the Pendjari Biosphere, one of a dwindling number of places in Western Africa where indigenous wildlife still thrives. Kick back as a big female elephant takes serious offense at the correspondent's proximity to her youngsters, and try not to chuckle as a frisky baboon touches a colleague most inappropriately at a watering hole. Yuks aside, it's a nicely produced video that will make you want to take off to the savannas of Africa yourself.

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