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Let's Not Go To Manhattan Tonight

October 31, 2008 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

In honor of our Live Arts In Brooklyn series, find a date to see the best of Brooklyn with our hot spots:

The Levee: This dive bar bills itself as an alternative to hipster Williamsburg, so if you're so uncool as to still like Halloween parties (like us!) look no further, 212 Berry St.

Brooklyn Masonic Temple: We weren't able to cover this Ft. Greene concert hall in our round-up, but if you can drop Broken Social Scene lyrics, there's a girl here for you. 317 Clermont Ave.

Kitchen Bar: Looking for an epicurean to watch "Top Chef" with? This place gives new meaning to the word dive bar, and also apparently to "nice conversation." 687 6th Ave.

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[Photo in Grand Army Plaza, at the northeastern end of Prospect Park: smoothdude]

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