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Endorsing A Candidate Is Now Your Only Job, America

October 30, 2008 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

One Ohioan let his opinion be read at a McCain-Palin rally in Defiance yesterday. The Republican ticket stays in Ohio with events in Mentor and Elyria, exposing the nation to the incredible diversity of naming conventions of small Midwestern towns. McCain stayed mum on opponent Barack Obama's primetime ad buy last night, but a 30-second ad urged voters to look behind the "TV special" and confront a candidate who's less than fit to lead in an age of heightened national security.

Amid rumors that the McCain campaign is blaming running mate Sarah Palin for their current state in the polls, Palin continues to campaign in Pennsylvania with stops in Williamsport and Latrobe. But all eyes will be on Ohio tomorrow as McCain brings out the big guns: California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has coasted above the fray until now, will campaign with the Republican ticket tomorrow in Columbus. But will he appear in costume?

So how were the reviews for Obama's television takeover? The LA Times called it "confident, competent and moving," and--in perhaps better news for the campaign--the Guardian reported that one out of every five households tuned in last night, hopefully not because they were wondering about the World Series. But Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz called it "a bit over the top," and the Associated Press said it was "less than upfront" about his economic plans. Still, the reviews were generally positive, if not from Team McCain.

Late last night, former president Bill Clinton made a campaign stop for Obama in Florida; the candidate himself will be in Sarasota before addressing a rally in Columbia, Missouri. Joe Biden is hoping the woman Alec Baldwin called "Bible Spice" stays out of his way as he hits Williamsport and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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