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JetBlue T5 at JFK Officially Opens

October 22, 2008 at 8:35 AM | by | ()

The lights are off at Terminal 6, and JetBlue has switched all its operations at JFK over to the brand-new Terminal 5. The first flight in was a red eye from Burbank that pulled up to gate 11 at 5 am.

CEO Dave Barger, who's been at the terminal with his employees since the wee hours, waved off the first outbound flight, which left for San Juan at 5:59 am. Also on the scene are members of the carrier's PR team, who are live blogging like whoa at t508.wordpress.com.

One thing we haven't heard about yet is the status of the much-anticipated sit-down dining areas--which held up the opening of T5 earlier this month.

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[Photo: jetblueflickr]

Archived Comments:

T5 is awesome

I was there for about six hours today and it was pretty amazing inside. To the question raised about the food concessions, sadly they are not fully up to snuff. They had a problem in the pizza place that set off the sprinklers (though the rest of the food court stayed up and running) and a number of the other food sites had issues with either certain items not being available or the entire kitchen being down. So even with the three extra weeks the concessions weren't quite ready, but enough of them were that one can get by food-wise. And the rest of the terminal makes it so worth it to get over the food issues. Besides, those will be figured out eventually.