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UFO Travel: PEI's Trail of Smoke

January 8, 2008 at 2:00 PM | by | ()

UFO fanatics shouldn't get their hopes up just yet about the sighting in western Prince Edward Island on December 26. It's not a flying saucer; just a trail of what appears to be dark smoke. PEI couple Tony and Marie Quigley videotaped the UFO for six minutes but told the Ottawa Citizen the sighting lasted about 30 minutes.

While the Quigley's say they have no suspicions that the UFO was a sign of alien life, some neighbors have their own ideas. Gertrude Campbell, 65, also saw the UFO and told the paper:

I swear when I come (home) at night time and I look at some of those stars and they're pretty big, I'd say that's what's looking over us.

A more logical explanation of the sighting? Don Ledger, UFO researcher and author from Nova Scotia, told the Citizen that what the Quigley's saw could be connected to the December 2007 launch of NASA's Atlas rocket. He thinks the dark trail is debris from Atlas' launch, but, in true UFO fashion, can't prove it. We prefer Tony Quigley's no-nonsense explanation:

This is definitely unidentified... But if you're talking Martians or anything like that, I haven't seen any to date, so I can't say I really believe in them.

PEI now joins Nova Scotia in the ranks of Canadian islands with UFO history. The Shag Harbor community in Nova Scotia still takes steps to observe the anniversary of the town's UFO sighting: a yellow light bobbing along the surface of the water.

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[Photo: Ottawa Citizen]

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