HOWTO: Score $10 Tickets on Skybus

September 20, 2007 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Last week, a Jaunted commenter wondered about those super-cheap Skybus fares, "To the people that got the $10 tickets, how did you find them?" Well, we wish there were some big secret to it, but more or less, it's book early, book often. You'll have better luck if you try less-than-exotic city pairs, like the KC-Columbus route we found for $10 both ways in February.

But what if you want to go somewhere warm in the middle of winter? We asked Skybus spokesman Bob Tenenbaum if he had any advice:

The best way to snag $10 fares is to register for e-mail alerts on the Skybus website; that way you get an e-mail alert the minute new dates or new destinations go on sale. Typically, $10 fares to the more popular destinations out of Columbus (i.e. the West Coast and Florida) go very quickly... Frequently the first day they are offered.

That's because you're fighting off the airline's other 79,999 monthly passengers for a few $10 fares. You're chances are going up though: Three new routes went on sale today, and Skybus adding two planes to its five-jet fleet in December. All that said, let's not forget one important thing: A $50 or $100 fare is more than 10 bucks, but it's still damn cheap.

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Archived Comments:

$10 Ticket Find

The email does help you know when they add new destinations, which means a new crop of $10 fares.  An email with 5 new destinations just came out today as a matter of fact, so I headed over to skybus.com

I found plenty of $10 fares from Columbus to Biloxi, which in true Skybus fashion they call "New Orleans" (it is a 90 min drive  away).  I was also able to team these fares with $10 Portsmouth, which Skybus calls Boston (it is a 70 minute drive away).  So technically I could get from Boston to New Orleans for $20 -- but I couldn't do so until January (Mon - Friday).  

Ok so I have to plan in advance right?  Well, there also is that little driving trip, which by my math would be over 5 hours of drive time round trip, not to mention gas costs.

Hmm.  Still, $40 roundtrip totally worth checking quite a bit to see if their destinations and available dates can work with your schedule.