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Kyla Ebbert Keeps It Classy on The Today Show

September 10, 2007 at 11:30 AM | by | ()

Last week, we had some sympathy for Kyla Ebbert, the Southwest Airlines passenger with the skimpy mini skirt. After all, the airline doesn't have a dress code, and she said her outfit covered all the necessary bits and pieces.

But was she dressed conservatively enough? During her appearance on the Today show, Matt Lauer asked Kyla to stand up and show off her outfit. When she did, Kyla had to pull down her mini skirt to make it look less scandalous.

Which takes us back to why she might have raised some eyebrows on that flight. As one opinionator wondered:

Was this a Sharon Stone "Basic Instinct" situation? Ebbert did not address that specifically, and Lauer did not ask.

Matt also didn't have a chance to see what the rest of us did: While taking her seat, Kyla managed to give viewers a glimpse of her panties. We wouldn't file that skirt under "modest". Could Southwest manage to come out of this as the victim?

Full Kyla Ebbert video here.

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Archived Comments:

It is...

Paris Hilton like and all, but really, grounds for kicking her off a flight and screwing with her schedule?  

If you can't where hot outfits then you shouldn't be able to dress like a slob, or take your shoes off either.  

Is there a Southwest dress code?

No, but...

There is no official dress code, but then again, they didn't kick her off the flight. They pulled her aside, criticized her outfit and then let her back on, getting her to Tucson as scheduled.

After seeing her on Today, I'm just not sure we're hearing the whole story.

Do you think...

one of the staffers got an accidental flashing and spoke to someone?

That's about right...

I think another flier or two caught a glimpse of too much walking down the aisle and said something to one of the FAs. At that point, the airline staffer felt like they had to address the problem. Kyla at this point wouldn't know that someone mentioned it, leading her to think she was being singled out by the airline.

Admittedly, it sounds like the supervisor that addressed Kyla went a little over the top. Airlines charge fat people for two seats and they kick (really) smelly people off planes. Remember Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan? "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

Oh please.

Unless she had a flask of liquids over three ounces or a concealed weapon under there, no one should have been looking up her skirt.

And as I understand it, they only let her on under duress. To me, this is just as bad as the people getting kicked off for wearing shirts with Arabic writing on them.

I don't know, maybe my grandpa is right and we should go back to coats and ties...

Skanky Chameleon

SW Airlines flight attendant wouldn't risk offending a passenger without good cause. They seem the most liberal and light-hearted of the airlines. But if a couple passengers commented independently they were uncomfortable with Kyla's attire, then I guess they're supposed to say something. Every schoolgirl learns the talent of leaving the house looking decent, but turning her outfit to something more provacative at school. And Kyla did the reverse. The sweater cut was designed to show off her midriff and draw attention to her breasts (a sweater in that heat? what for?). I'll bet it was above her hips on the plane. And the skirt on the show is below her waist - she would show crack from behind. It's beach-wear, not supposed to hide the swimsuit underneath, but also not toi be worn with panties. But look, Ma, Presto! I'm a Quaker! She didn't argue with the attendant - she knew she was pushing it. But playing the victim now . . . and lovin' the attention. Who could blame her?


I'm sorry but her outfit is cute. It is not revealing. Chances are  some ugly fat  girl/guy was upset. So they complained. You  couldn't even  see up her skirt. Also when on a  plane there are seats infront  of you. She said she had her legs crossed with a magazine, over them. In order for anyone  to  see up her skirt they would need to  be  infront of her. Which means they were being a perve. I  see nothing  wrong with the  way she looked. She has a body why not. Most of the  time when people complain about  how, someone looks it's because they are jealous. If I were her I  would  sue. There is  discrimination, public humuliation, emotional distress, The list goes on and on. If people are offended then they can look away. I agree with the comment if they are kicking people off the plane because they look  good then  slobs  should be kicked off. For that  fact  people who are dressed in designer wear should be forced to change. How will the people feel who don't have the  money to spend on designer clothes. That would offend  people who aren't financially secure. I think it is stupid. She looked good. Her boobs didn't even pop out of her shirt. She has big boobs no matter what she waers they will be there. There is nothing  wrong with taking pride in how you look. If your hot   do it. If not  don't. But  don't take offense because she looks good. JMO.

i am all for fashion freedom...

she didn't need to get scolded by some flight attendant. i mean it's aggravating enough flying with all these three oz. restrictions, and other security hassles not to mention expensive airfare and shit like lost luggage.

that's not to say i would personally dress like this. how old is she anyways? she looks sorta old in this pic, too old to be wearing mini-skirts that need to be pulled down when you stand up on Today show. but maybe "i'm just jealous" like Christina26 seems to believe.

I am for speaking my mind and truth...

Juliana while I am in agreement with you on your views. I need to stress the  factors that most people put others down, and try to make them look bad because of Jealousy.  I see it everyday. I am not the only one who does. People don't like to  face reality and see that people actually cut others down over jealousy. JMO I know the  facts and I stick to them.

Yes and No

While you might see others put people down everyday, you can't know "for fact" that it's because of jealousy unless you can get into their head.  In my experience those who say "oh well they're just jealous" are looking for reasons why unacceptable behavior should be acceptable.  They're looking to not be held accountable for their own actions but instead want to pass blame on others.  

Having said that, if this girl was showing copious amounts of buttcrack (I'd rather see panties than crack) and more than one passenger complained about it, I don't see how the airline had any other choice.  It's not like they kicked her off.  

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have complained, however.  I have bigger issues with people who can't push away from the dinner table infringing on my personal space than I do from skinny girls wearing little clothing.  

Once I'm knee-deep into a book or magazine everyone could be naked for all I care.  

That she's playing up the victim routine seems a bit "I've got nothing but my looks to get by on in life so I'm going to milk this for all its worth... I'm looking for my MRS degree" to me.  But I'm not in her head so could never know for sure.

She has her website now.


I don't know if she's the one behind it, but I love it. According to a whois search, the site's registered to Russell Smith, but the guy doesn't seem to exist. What intrigue!

Looking and acting like a whore

Dress like a whore, talk like a whore - is a whore . . . . jealousy is what stupid uneducated trailer trolls use to justify acting and looking like white trash . . . if a man sat in the airline seat in front of you and you had to look at his tool for 3 hours you would be crying how you were sexually abused !!! like, omfg, like what a perv, like no, like, what I mean, like like, like . . . . but when a gen-y-a-tard dresses like a crank whore and is flashing her cum dumpster crotch . . . to kids and everyone for a city mile and cannot even sit down without giving a stripper show. . .well then its your rights being trampled on . . . . .what a complate tard that you would argue that people who are fat got upset . . . . jealous ??  What total white trash !!!  - please go get another stripper tat !!! Trailer Troll ~~!!~~