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Virgin America's First Flight: Google Maps In Flight

August 9, 2007 at 11:37 AM | by | ()

First you should know that Virgin America's in-flight Google maps are not actually tracking flights quite yet. According to IFE god Charles Ogilvie a software update is needed and it should be complete in the next couple of weeks.

So, if you are riding Virgin America in August you might as well prepare yourself for your seat back map not to track your flight -- August is our time estimate, not Virgin's.

That said, despite the fact VA maps are not fully operational, they are still light years ahead of the nearest competitor -- yeah in-flight mapping has become that outdated that quickly.

Virgin America vs. JetBlue map, side by side comparison here.

Virgin America's Google maps implementation (above), allows you to zoom in approximately six levels deep. There is no satellite view, however we expect once Virgin America goes WiFi in 2008 you will be able to access your Google maps online, save routes, and more.

JetBlue's Google maps implementation (above), is a single view implementation that looks surprisingly similar to their old MapQuest maps.

Virgin America Launch Coverage

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