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Hot Vatican Airlines Photos

Where: Italy
August 28, 2007 at 9:52 AM | by | ()

Bet that is a headline you never thought you would read. Thanks to CNN we finally got a peek inside the new Vatican Airlines charter flights, which are operated by Italy's mostly cargo airline Mistral. What struck us was not the blue and yellow Vatican colors, or the numerous pilgrimage bound priests on board -- but how about those flight attendants? They do not look, or dress like nuns, do they?

While the flight attendants and the aircraft are all decked out in Vatican gold and blue, these flight attendants struck us as more Marquis Jet than pious pilots. Though in reality, these attendants are just regular Mistral workers who tend to look just a touch out of place on a plane full of priests and devout catholics -- in other words don't read too much into it they are not going to be giving in-flight massages.

The remainder of the airline details are just as you would expect -- bible quotes on headrests, no in-flight movies, and daily service to pilgrimage sites throughout the world.

Mistral is letting the Vatican use one of their mail delivery planes for this new charter service, which means pilgrims by day, and delivering Italy's post at night. The important biproduct of the above arrangement? Ticket prices stay 10% lower than commercial airlines serving similar destinations.

Jump for one more in-flight Vatican Airlines.

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[Photos: CNN]

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Maybe not what you'd expect...

on a Vatican airline, but these two are definitely Italian FA material. Cravats, high-waisted skirts, mama mia these ladies are stylish!