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USS Grunion Submarine Found, Photos Taken

August 24, 2007 at 9:22 AM | by | ()

The USS Grunion submarine, sunk during World War II with 70 men on board and missing ever since, was allegedly found this week many leagues under the sea off the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

The sub originally launched from Groton, CT, in 1941, and set sail from Hawaii in June 1942 to run patrol between the Aleutian Islands and Japan. In July 1942, the submarine was reassigned to Kiska Island.

After the Grunion's final transmission on July 30 1942, the ship was officially reported lost somewhere in the Pacific.

Yesterday, searcher John Abele reported:

We found a submarine tonight. ... But we have now lost it, despite documenting location. Nevertheless we have photographic documentation showing prop guard of Grunion style. It imploded dramatically and is a tangle of pipes.

The above photo is of the Grunion periscope, so photographic evidence does exist, but we still have so many questions. They found it and then they lost it? Is this the sub from Lost? How long until this stop is added to most Alaska cruise tours?

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[Photo: Grunion]

Archived Comments:

Discovery of USS Grunion

The sons of the Commanding Officer of USS Grunion, along with many others, have worked long and hard to find this missing submarine, and also to notify the families of her crew of their discovery.  Today, the same day that the first photos of the boat were released, a relative of the last of 70 men was located.  My congratulations go out to the Abele brothers for finding their father's final resting place.

Photos of 56 of the 70 men can be found on the "On Eternal Patrol" website: www.OnEternalPatrol.com/uss-grunion-216.htm

Incidentally, the vessel that is used for the submarine interior shots in episodes of LOST is USS Bowfin, a World War II fleet-type submarine similar to Grunion, that is on display at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.  The exterior shots are of a small mock-up that was blown up by John Locke last season.