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The Best Greasy Spoons: Vic and Irv's

Where: 4880 Culver Rd. [map], Rochester, NY, United States, 14622
August 17, 2007 at 4:00 PM | by | ()

You can find a greasy spoon just about anywhere. What you can't always find is Vic & Irv's. While kids in downtown Rochester were inhaling garbage plates covered with potato salad and baked beans, those finishing out a day at the Sea Breeze amusement park on the shores of Lake Ontario were wolfing down red and white hots, ground rounds and the best onion rings this side of the... Well, anywhere.

The food is simple. The recipes are classic. Vic has been mixing his killer hot sauce by hand since The Stand first opened 73 years ago. To last anywhere this long you've got to be doing something right. At Vic & Irv's it seems they're doing everything right. Rings and fries are hand cut daily. Hots and rounds are made to order. Barrels of dill pickles line the counter tops and shakes are made from hand-dipped custard instead of just plain ice cream. Vic & Irv's even sells both Coke and Pepsi. Good gravy, could it get any better than that?

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[Photo: Rochester Beat]

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