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Tourism Board Travel: Costa Rica

Where: Costa Rica
August 14, 2007 at 11:43 AM | by | ()

In August, Delta Air Lines announced it is increasing the number of flights from New York to Costa Rica from 28 weekly to 35. Delta's decision reflects the growing popularity of the destination.

With ecotourism all the rage, The Costa Rica Tourism Board website is getting more hits than Dave Chappelle's bong. The country is long considered the place for couples in matching khaki cargo shorts to stand beneath the jungle canopy, binoculars in hand, pinpointing the correct toucan species from their guidebook.

Drop-down menus on the tourism board site tell potential visitors how they can find a guide to take them deep into said jungle, with a guide, a car, and a place to sleep that night. It also helps decipher where's the best place to glimpse particular wildlife. It'll even fill you in on lounging at Tabacon Hot Springs--that's it above--if tracking rare birds isn't your thing.

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