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Virgin America and Google Maps In Seatback Maps Deal

July 17, 2007 at 12:21 PM | by | ()

Virgin America and Google Maps have officially announced their seatback maps deal. Long time Jaunted obsession Charles Ogilvie had this to say about the deal:

Together, we'll be able provide a fully interactive mapping experience for passengers at every seat and on every flight.

Though JetBlue kind of stole Virgin's thunder on this one last month (hey, the DOT approval process can be a real drag), VA takes the partnership a step further, allowing passengers not just the ability to watch their flight path, but also plan their travels by using Red's custom-designed "Journey" section, through a navigational toolbar on their touch-screen seatback monitor.

Watch for more airlines to follow suit and boot MapQuest in favor of the now ubiquitous Google Maps. If we take it a step further, connecting phones and computers straight to your in-flight entertainment system--could that be the future?

As far as Virgin America goes, all systems are go for an August launch, though we are still awaiting the opening ticket sales bell on their website.

Stay tuned.

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