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Jaunted in Nantucket: Cougar and Kitten Hotels

June 27, 2007 at 4:28 PM | by | ()

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There are plenty of spots to stay on Nantucket. Your choice, not unlike the choice facing Mark Philippoussis every Monday night, is whether to go cougar or kitten.

To help you along we have provided three Nantucket inns that we feel should make your final cut--two kittens and a cougar.

Three Nantucket Inns Worth The Money.

Nantucket Whaler Guest House :: Kitten
This old Greek Revival was completely made over a couple years back. It is an easy walk from both wharfs, has well kept grounds. If you throw in that the traditional New England cottage like rooms come with free WiFi and small flat screen televisions you'll see why we think this inn is worth considering.

Veranda House:: Kitten
A modern twist on the B&B island theme this place is located on "inn row" in Nantucket. More importantly, the management recently dropped their odd "no food" policy, so fee free to bring your own picnic. Make sure to try the Portuguese toast.

The Century House:: Cougar
You will have to put up with a long walk of shame, up hill, before you get to the Century House. But once there you will have free WiFi and plenty of local inn like quirk to tell your friends about. Ask for an upper level room for your best shot at a good nights sleep.

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Archived Comments:

your own cottage in Nantucket

Even better than cottage-like rooms is your own cottage, especially if you have kids.  Check out the Boat Basin Cottages at Swains Wharf, and more Nantucket nuggets on National Geographic Traveler's blog:  http://intelligenttravel.typepad.com/it/2006/09/nantucket_nugge.html#more

What is the price difference?

I have always wondered, ~ how much is it to rent a cottage for a summer weekend in Nantcuket.

Not sure it is worth it for a weekend, but if you are going to spend more time--like say a week there, this may be the way to go.

cottage rentals

Well, if you rent a Nantucket cottage from an owner or agent you can't usually do it for a weekend, and a week is usually $2,000 and up in high season. But the cottages at the Boat Basin are rented by the night, like a B&B or hotel, and they start at $200/night, compared to the B&Bs you mention, which also start at $200.  With the cottage you get privacy and a kitchen.  Plus, they have some cottages that are pet-friendly (the "Woof Cottages), a feature you're not likely to get in a vacation house rental or most B&Bs:  http://thecottagesnantucket.com/rooms/withpets.php