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Amazing Race All-Stars: Act II: Eric and Danielle Win

May 7, 2007 at 8:59 AM | by | ()

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Act I - They Meet

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Last night was the episode we were all waiting for--the last leg of the biggest race-around-the-world reality TV show out there. With the "dirty pirate hookers" and Schmeer and Meer you knew things are gonna get grimy. And how would the beauty queens--Eric and Dani--hold up under the pressure of the final rush to the finish? And how did America's first reality threesome end up winning $1 million?

Dustin and Kandice were the first to leave Guam's Fort Soledad for Oahu and Kamaka Air Hangar. There's the teams will catch a helicopter flight to Lanai. Eric and Dani--hot on Team Beauty's tail--miss the early flight out of Guam but link up with DuKa in Tokyo. Charla and Mirna decide to try an earlier flight to Honolulu, at the risk of missing their connection. The racers are confused when the cousins don't show up, but their gamble pays off.

Charla and Mirna are the first team on the ground in Hawaii--and the first to leave for Lanai. Once there, they'll pick up a Jeep and jet to Kaumalapau Harbor for a Detour. This week it's Under or Over: boating to an underwater cave or paddle boarding in a smallish harbor. Charla has no problem with the paddle board, but Mirna had some trouble.

That leads Eric and Dani to the underwater cave, where they have no problems despite Eric's "shark phobia." DuKa doesn't have much trouble either, but they're still in last place as the other teams head to Shipwreck Beach for their next clue.

At the clue box, the racers find kayaks and head out to the huge rusted hulk of the Liberty Ship. The paddling actually looks really hard, and it's making Dustin nuts. When their kayak get flipped over, Kandice is blaming D. "I have no patience for you right now," Kandice says. "You weren't being a good teammate back there." Are those tears, Dustin?!

With the race coming down to the wire, Eric and Danielle are the first team back to the airport to buy tickets to Oakland International Airport. But it seems there's only one flight left for the teams. After all the hassle with the Detour and kayaking, the racers end up on the same flight to San Francisco.

In California, Eric and Dani are the first to head for the Old Mint. But it's DuKa who get their first. There's an elaborate safe cracking Road Block that involves a Newlywed Game-style Q and A. We're talking questions like "Which team is the most overrated?" [Ed note: Which teams weren't overrated??] Danielle is the first to get the safe open and she grabs Eric: They're off to the San Francisco Botanical Garden and the finish line.

Dustin and Kandice are two minutes behind the couple when they leave the mint. And Mirna and Charla are right behind them. It's all up to the cabbies at this point, though no one has offered a bribe to blow through some lights!

At the Botanical Garden all the washed up racers are lined up around the finish line with Phil. Eric and Dani run up to cross the finish line and Phil congratulates them on the win. All Danielle can think to say is "The race kicked my butt." Ours too, sweetheart!

The Pit Stop:
Nothing could've topped Eric getting a call from Jeremy! As much as we like Danielle, she just wasn't as much fun on the course as Jeremy. We're still sad that Uchenna and Joyce didn't stay in it for the win--they were such classy competitors. And we couldn't have been more disappointed by Rob and Amber, whose reality TV power couple crown is in serious jeopardy after a weak performance in this race.

What started with a very hetero ass slap, ended with a million dollars. Interested in the entertaining history of Eric, Danielle, and Jeremy? Here it is in reverse chronological order:
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See ya next time, race fans!

Story Credits: pbb and Todd

Archived Comments:

non-coach seats

did anyone notice that Eric and Danielle were sitting in Business First on the NW flight from NRT to HNL? I thought that was against the rules...they must have been bumped up.  

I think...

the rule is you have to buy an economy ticket.  If they move you up front for some reason it is completely legal--pretty sure.

yeah, i figured.

For the price of those walk up economy fares they certainly should get moved up front now and then.