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Nick Lachey Moves To Touristy Part of NYC

Where: 627 W. 42nd Street [map], New York, ny, United States
April 23, 2007 at 9:39 AM | by | ()

So much money, so little sense. Stars who move to New York have their pick of the most fashionable neighborhoods, which is why it always puzzles us when a celebrity chooses to move somewhere more off the beaten path. Nick Lachey would have been better off moving to Brooklyn than (according to TMZ) buying a two-bedroom condo with girlfriend Vanessa Minnillo at 635 West 42nd Street -- less Hell's Kitchen, more Hell's Backyard.

Sure, the 46-story Atelier building has a parking garage, athletic center and full outdoor basketball court (which can be seen at Curbed.com), but good luck getting his old friends from 98 Degrees to walk that far west. The only people he'll see are tourists who get lost looking for Times Square. (Well, and Jon Stewart -- his show tapes just a few blocks away, and is really the only reason to walk that far west.) There is, however, easy access to the Lincoln Tunnel and Port Authority Bus Terminal--perfect for those out-of-town trips!

According to Real Estalker, the building's management has been trying to get Lindsay Lohan and Orlando Bloom to move in. You can put lipstick on a skyscraper, but...

[Photo: Google/MidtownGuy]

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