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Google Maps: Real-Time Terrorism and Travel Danger Map

April 18, 2007 at 3:26 PM | by | ()

Global Incident Maps is addictive. The site uses a maps mashup to send out a bat signal to the world every time an incident of "global terrorism and other suspicious events" are recorded.

While responsible travelers can use the map to get a sense of what sort of sordid activity is going on around the world before they go, alarmist travelers and parents of travel addicted offspring are going to have a field day with this thing. Can't you just parents saying "are you sure you want to go to fill-in-the-blank destination after what we just read on Global Incident Map?"

Here is what we learned today:

·Weapons seized at Makassar airport in Indonesia

·Muslim extremists are recruiting in Melbourne

·Shot gun shells were found in a trash can at Manchester Airport in New Hampshire

It is kind of like the Weather Channel for panicky travelers and their kin--informative, addictive, yet a touch apocalyptic. Genius.

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