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Paula Abdul Joins the Bad Celebrity Flyers Club

April 18, 2007 at 1:41 PM | by | ()

Doesn't Paula Abdul know the first rule of Southwest Airlines is to study the "A,B,C" boarding game? Obviously not, because the kooky American Idol judge caused a stir as she made her way from San Jose to Burbank with SWA.

Perhaps she has a phobia of middle seats. Paula, who likely got banished to the "C" boarding group due to a last-minute airport arrival, reportedly demanded to board early, because she's "famous." While she didn't get to pre-board, she did push her way to the front of the line once "A" boarding commenced, promptly stealing a prime seat in the front. She even tried to claim the seat next to her, but eventually had to give it up because the flight was sold out.

Thankfully her fellow passengers had the sense to taunt her for the poor manners. One such flyer reportedly shouted, "You're no Sanjaya!"

[Photo: sheeshoo]

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