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Virgin America Gets Permission To Fly

March 21, 2007 at 11:49 AM | by | ()

It looks like Digg's Kevin Rose, Jaunted, and the flying public will all get a chance to ride the Virgin soonish.

According to ATW, yesterday the US Department of Transportation "tentatively" approved Virgin America's plan to reconfigure ownership, which means, VA should be up and flying this summer.

What is with the "tentative" approval? Virgin America CEO Fred Reid must be replaced, and some other mundane conditions must be met.

Will VA comply? Well, whether Reid stays or goes, it looks like it is all systems go for a mid-summer launch. Does this mean a live Diggnation show, with booze and contest winners, will take place on a private flight from SFO to JFK as earlier indicated? Probably. Does this mean Jaunted will get to test out the Virgin America flying experience in the near future, we sure hope so. But most importantly this means Internet rock star Charles Ogilvie's job appears safe, so Davie, you can immediately remove the pins from your DOT representative voodoo dolls.

Update: We just received word from Virgin America's PR guru Gareth Edmondson-Jones, who confirms our earlier reports:

Basically we have 21 days to finalize last conditions.

Then everyone has 7 days to comment.

Then we'll get Final Order.

So call this a major milestone and a giant step towards flying.

"Final Order"--it all sounds so, galactic, does it not?

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