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Anna Nicole Smith Bahamas Tour Map: Start With Horizons

Where: Nassau, Bahamas
March 2, 2007 at 11:21 AM | by | ()

Currently, the most popular tour in the Bahamas is the Anna Nicole Tour.

This tour is loosely organized by Nassau cabbies, but it is only a matter of time before some enterprising folks formalize it.

The current Anna Nicole Smith Bahamas taxi tour includes:

· Doctors' Hospital in Nassau, where her son Daniel died last fall.

· Lakeview Memorial Gardens & Mauseoleums where Anna will be buried today (her son was laid to rest there last September)

· Mount Horeb Baptist Church in Nassau, where Anna's funeral will take place today.

· Horizons the seaside home at the eastern end of the island that she shared with Howard K Stern, and which he now shares with Dannielynn, Smith's five-month-old heiress.

Horizons, is the highlight of the tour. All you have to do is ask any cabbie in Nassau for the "Anna Nicole Tour" and off you go--though prices will vary, everything is negotiable.

One cab company is even rumored to offer a limited number of a special Tribune newspaper. The issue being offered was plastered with photos of Anna and Immigration Minister Shame Gibson sharing a bed. In Nassau, the issue sold out immediately, but you can buy your very own for $20.00 at the airport and in certain cabs.

A taxi driver, who offers the Anna Nicole tour to his passengers had this to say:

It's sad that she died but we don't look at the negative. There are persons in the taxi industry who are making money because people come here asking to go to the house, the cemetery and the hospital

If you want to take the tour virtually, we have Google mapped Horizions here, after that, you are on your own (hint: just head west and take John F. Kennedy to the airport)

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Archived Comments:

That's fucked.

I kinda wish the tour would end with the tourists getting mugged and left to find their own way back to their hotels.


There were shots of all these people in their new white shorts outside the gates of her house...where her daughter still lives.

Anna Nicole Book

If you're interested in the Anna Nicole tour, you'll probably be interested in the new Anna Nicole book, "The Killing of Anna Nicole Smith". The title makes me think of foul play.