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Me No Wanna Speak Chinese

February 8, 2007 at 10:47 AM | by | ()

We already know and accept that English language skills in China aren't perfect. And most of us have a fairly poor knowledge of Mandarin, right? So how will we communicate with our hosts when we travel to China in hordes in conjunction with the 2008 Beijing Olympics?

Authors of the Me No Speak: China "phrasebook" think they have the answer, with a Mandarin version of those little books full of pictures that you can point at to get your, well, point across. For example, "I want" written in Chinese characters at the top, and a selection of foods to point at underneath. They claim to have developed it all from their own experiences in China and apparently it works great.

Critics think that totally avoiding learning the language of the country like this ain't really right. But as the authors point out, it is better than not finding a toilet in time.

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