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2007 Awards: Best Travel Newcomer

December 28, 2007 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

Nothing has shaken up the travel scene more this year than Skybus. The dirt cheap, if-you-don't-like-it-too-bad carrier promised to bring European-style low cost flying to the States. And, as we discovered, Skybus succeeded.

While you'll more often than not end up at out of the way airports, you won't be able to call customer service and you may find your flight axed from the schedule, the good news is the flight only cost you 10 bucks.

Like Allegiant Air before it, Skybus isn't competing with the legacy carriers or even Southwest. The airline has turned travel (and vacationing) into a commodity, as easy to buy as a new sofa--and in so doing has created an entirely new way to travel.

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Way to Go, Skybus

There is no doubt that Skybus is not for everyone! Before you purchase a ticket, make sure that you understand the policies. It is that simple! Their flights are non stop, as long as you need to go where they fly, it's great. My wife and I flew from CMH to PGD for $110.00 round trip. Sure we checked bags, did priority seating, and got some snacks. Total was $180.00. That would not have bought 1 ticket on the established airlines. Great Flight Attendants, Brand New planes, what more could you ask for.  


I seem to be the only person posting on this, but article in the Columbus Dispatch mentions Wilmington, Delaware ( Philadelphia, PA) and Niagara Falls, NY  (Buffalo NY, and Toronto ), as possible new destinations. Note that the Dispatch is an investor in Skybus.