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Christmas Cancellations Still Hurting Skybus

December 27, 2007 at 9:30 AM | by | ()

We didn't jump on the story of Skybus canceling flights when it first broke because, well, airlines cancel flights all the time. But the Skybus situation is quickly turning into something much bigger because the carrier only has seven planes. When not one but two suffer mechanical problems, cancellations cascade through Skybus' schedule.

One of the damaged A319s flew to BFM in Mobile, Alabama--as Skybus flight 5002--for repairs at a major maintenance center there. And without planes available for flights, passengers were stranded at Port Columbus International and around the country waiting to get home from their Christmas trips.

One flyer trapped in Biloxi wrote in to us, and we have his horror story, after the jump

Skybus is really putting the screws to me trying to get from GPT (Biloxi) to CMH (Columbus). The flight was supposed to leave 12/25 and was cancelled again on 12/26. Now the computer will only give me a new date to leave on 12/28.

I will say that re-booking withing 5 days has been free. Also, I had the option on both cancellations of getting my money back which I did not try yet. Neither option is really helping.

The email "customer service" is terrible. It's like the computer scans for keywords in your email and then sends you a canned reply supposedly with a rep's name at the bottom. It's a total joke.

The phone number (614/246-8800) goes to automated directory that tells you to go to the web page for help.

Again, this outfit it a joke. My expecations were low to begin with (I figured the flight would be cancelled several days in advance) but this is pretty bad, especially when they email you a confirmation Monday night that everything is a go and then pull the plug at some point on Tuesday.

Also, they do not email you about these cancellations. I checked my inbox and junk/spam and there is nothing.

I am from Columbus, there will be blood if they do not come through getting the people down to GPT for the Ohio State game next week.

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