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Historic Berlin Airport To Close in 2008

Where: Berlin, Germany
December 27, 2007 at 3:30 PM | by | ()

Berlin's Tempelhof International will close down in October 2008, ending its long and illustrious history in the city as a washed-up superstar. It'll spend its remaining days as a little-used airport for European budget airlines.

Tempelhof was, with the founding of Lufthansa at the airport, the world's first airline hub. It was also the first airport to have a subway station, connecting it to the city at large. After World War II, it was the launching point for the Berlin Airlift. And Western forces maintained a presence at Tempelhof throughout the Cold War.

Though Berlin-Tegel International siphoned away many of Tempelhof's passengers when it opened in the '70s, it too will close down in 2012, after Berlin-Brandenburg becomes the city's giant--and only--airport in 2011.

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