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Southwest Secretly Preparing In-Flight WiFi

December 27, 2007 at 12:00 PM | by | ()

A handful of carriers are getting tons of press for their upcoming in-flight WiFi options, but other airlines aren't skimping on the in-flight entertainment front. The way things are going, 2008 could be the year we finally stop carrying an armful of trashy celeb rags on board to pass the time. Maybe.

Southwest Airlines, it seems, is in the process of creating its own in-flight Internet access. The airline, which is making big plays to lure biz travelers, will test access on four planes next year. (As in 2008.) Details, including a partner company and potential costs, are still sketchy, but we're working on it.

Meanwhile, US Airways is skipping the Internet for now and beefing up its movie selection. The carrier is developing an expanded selection and seat-back touch screens in the hopes that more offerings will net more passengers. The new interface will debut in test runs this spring and will likely roll out fleet-wide soon after.

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