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Rampant Speculation: What's Next for Virgin America?

November 9, 2007 at 10:00 AM | by | ()

Now that Virgin America has announced San Diego service, we have to wonder what's next. The airline brags that it will serve 10 cities by August '08, which means four more are in the works.

So where will VA land next? Rumors are swirling that Chicago and Vancouver are on the radar, and Miami is also a possibility. The chatters over at FlyerTalk have a nice thread going, too, but it's a bit more "wish they were coming to (city)" than actual information.

Given that Virgin's focus is on what they call "premium airports," we're apt to believe that the carrier will pick MIA over Fort Lauderdale if it breaks into south Florida. And despite O'Hare's congestion problems, we don't see VA pulling a Skybus and scouting a feeder airport outside Chicago proper.

We sent a message to Virgin for comment, but so far the airline's stayed mum on future plans.

Where do you think Virgin America will land next?

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Archived Comments:

I am going to guess..

They stay West and add SEA or PDX.  Though MIA is tempting.  I have no real evidence yet, so this is totally a guess.

Here's my guess:

This is a little along the lines of conspiracy theory, but it seems to make pretty logical sense to me.  There are four cities left in the US to which Vrigin Atlantic flies that its younger brother Virgin America does not: Miami, Orlando, Boston and Chicago.  It makes sense to me to have Virgin's transatlantic service connect to its domestic service in as many places as possible.  The first three cities are definitely possible for VA, but to my knowledge O'Hare has no available space.


While I'm tempted to believe the flight attendant gossip for Chicago and Vancouver, I've seen the most proof for Miami operations. Why they haven't gotten it off the ground, though, is a good question, since winter is definitely settling in New York.


That would be so cool...um...for me at least :)

New Cities

Dallas Fort Worth's a low cost ghost town. Phoenix seems like a good bet though WN just started 5D. Honolulu's a thought. It would give some of those top eleVAte members somewhere to go. The same would be for Cabo or some of the other Mexican resort towns. Add Reno to that list too.

Guess List
ORD if they can get slots


Virgin Atlantic and Virgin America

I expect if Virgin America ever tries to start code-sharing with Virgin Atlantic, the same airlines that held up their certification will go nutzoid and fire up their lobbying machines again.  It will be the proof-positive they were looking for that Virgin America really isn't an independent, US-owned and operated company.

Miami and Seattle

The next two destinations are Miami (from LAX, SFO, and JFK) and Seattle (from SFO). They have already started the hiring.

VA buys Aloha

Virgin America should buy Aloha Airlines. VA would get two gates at SNA, a valuable asset to launch East Coast flights [jetBlue free] and SFO flights.
VA would found subsidy Virgin Hawaii.

South Florida

I do see them selecting a South Florida city next, either Miami or Ft. Lauderdale.  Both of these would be great for me, giving me easy access to a cruise ship port.  I also think Orlando would be a good possibility.