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UFO Travel: Osaka's Alien Abduction Room Awaits

Where: 7-9-13 Miyakenaka, Osaka, Japan
October 4, 2007 at 11:06 AM | by | ()

Jaunted embeds have schooled us on Osaka , Japan this week, however, our Osaka tour would not be complete without mentioning the area's myriad of love hotels, which sister site HotelChatter is currently covering like a wet blanket.

Hotel Loire is one such love hotel on the outskirts of Osaka and this hotel will get UFO travel buffs drooling. This hotel, on the outskirts of Osaka, boasts an alien abduction rumpus room where you can "rest" for ¥3900 ($34) or "stay" for ¥7600. After all, nothing turns travelers on like cold slab-like beds, fake knobs and breast padding, all in a faux UFO setting.

Our only suggestion? Hotel Loire should switch out the the movie currently playing on an infinite loop in the UFO room, Star Wars, and replace it with a more appropriate alien abduction video. May we suggest the video here?

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[Photos: Misty Keasler]

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