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Skybus So Wants Portsmouth To Be Boston

October 23, 2007 at 8:43 AM | by | ()

Plenty of people want to be in Boston these days -- BoSox World Series, undefeated Patriots, and the Celtics imminent return to prominence. However, Skybus has been taking it one step further, repeatedly claiming a town that is a bridge away from being in Maine is actually the Hub.

Portsmouth is not Boston. As a matter of fact it is over 60 miles away. Yet Skybus is constantly advertising Portsmouth as Boston. Their newest newsletter went one step further and highlights their new daily non stops from "Portsmouth MA" to Columbus and Florida.

We are big fans of trying to snag $10 airfare, we just like the sport of it, but could Skybus please knock off the saying they fly out of Boston, or Massachusetts for that matter. For the record Portsmouth is in New Hampshire and both Providence, Rhode Island (PVD) and Manchester, New Hampshire (MHT) are closer to Boston than Portsmouth, but don't market themselves as Boston.

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Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Sadly, the last point isn't quite true. Manchester renamed themselves not too long ago as Manchester-Boston Regional Airport, as if they were right round the corner from each other. Logan wasn't too happy about this, as it's pretty misleading to people who don't know any better. (Check the Boston Globe archives for a column by Brian McGrory, humorous take on the renaming).


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