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World's Most Dangerous Airports: Lukla Airport, Nepal, LUA

Where: Lukla, Nepal
January 22, 2007 at 4:35 PM | by | ()

For the next couple of days we are doing a quick fly-over of the world's most dangerous airports. Know a stomach dropping, palm sweat inducing airport we should check out? Send it along.

Since Lukla Nepal is the place most people start their Mount Everest trek, this Himalayan strip gets quite a bit of traffic--mostly to and from Kathmandu.

Sirens inform folks for miles when an airplane is landing here, and as you would suspect, only helicopters and Twin Otter type planes can handle the 2,000 foot, uphill runway that is fenced off at the end, to protect you from the edge of a mountain cliff.

As for take off?

When you take off, you go downhill and then the runway just disappears into the valley down below. If you don't get enough speed, you drop until you get lift and then hopefully get back up again.

Wind and weather cause plenty of delays here, however, there is usually plenty to drink around the airport, just in case you need to pass the time or get up the gumption to get on your flight.

Yeti Airlines is one of the few commercial airlines you can book through to get to LUA.

Click Here to check out a small craft landing at Lukla.

[Photo: Dave & Marks trip]

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