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Oregonians and Non-Oregonians Approve of the Oregonian

July 31, 2006 at 9:37 AM | by | ()

There are few better ways to grasp a given tourist scene than through the weekend travel section of the local newspaper. This past Sunday's Oregonian tells us where Portlanders are taking their summer weekend getaways.

First up is Lake Chelan, Washington, a fifty-mile-long body of water in the shadow of the North Cascades in central Washington. The lake can be reached by car from Portland in about six hours. Bridget A. Otto's overview of Lake Chelan observes that the region is in the midst of a massive viniculture boom. 12 wineries have opened over the past seven years in the area, and many old-timers rue the less fancy idyll of years past.

The "NW Weekend" mini-section serves up the local skinny best: Portland area hot-air balloon rides (the least pricey: Portland Rose Hot Air Balloons, Oregon City's Haggart Astronomical Observatory, and Seattle Architecture Foundation neighborhood tours are all highlights.

For those surmising that Portlanders are only interested in crunchy and erudite sorts of vacations, know this: the section's ads are clogged with Mexico and Hawaii getaways, and there are even two Branson, Missouri packages on offer.

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