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It's Very Similar to PBR's Brewing Technique

Where: Australia
May 30, 2006 at 11:57 AM | by | Comments (0)

Though it's a staple of our travel experiences, no matter how many brewery tours we attend, we're still a little bit shaky on how the beer goes from sacks of malt and hops to delicious, chilled in-a-glass form. We don't probe, because we love beer so much, but we do often wonder.

Australian beer-maker Toohey's has a unique story about of how their beer is made. You can take their ad as an implication that the ingredients are pure, delicious, and fun. Or, if you don't like Toohey's--and since it isn't sold in a giant can here in the U.S., it has yet to pass our lips, and we are therefore unable to pass judgement on it--perhaps you could take it to mean that the beer is, as the saying goes, similar to sex in a canoe. For our money, we're just glad to find out where beer really comes from. Maybe storks are the ones who bottle it?

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