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Nicolas Cage Buys an Island in the Sun

Where: Bahamas
May 22, 2006 at 5:31 PM | by | ()

Nicolas Cage has bought a 40-acre island in the Bahamas. According to the Wall Street Journal, the island is currently undeveloped and paparazzi free.

It has long been our dream to purchase a tropical island of our very own, Jaunted Island, but until today we had no idea how to achieve our dream of island ownership. Turns out all we have to do is be related to a big time Hollywood director and overtly overact in each and every movie role that is gifted to us over a ten year span. Cool. Thanks for the playbook, Nic.

Islands are apparently the newest high priced accessory in Hollywood. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw have an island in the same archipelago as Cage's dirt.

Cage Island is somewhere around here, though we will need to wait until Google gets more detailed Bahamas satellite imagery to identify whose island is bigger, Tim McGraw's or Nicholas Cage's--our money is on McGraw.

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Celebrities and their islands

For some reason tons of celebrities are buying islands.  I guess it has to with status, wealth and most of all privacy. Other celebrities that own islands include Shakira, Mel Gibson and Leonardo DiCaprio.  There is lots of info on celebrities and islands at http://www.privateislandsblog.com