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Dealing with Earthquakes Through Casual Racism

Where: Tokyo, Japan
April 20, 2006 at 1:30 PM | by | ()

Hey hey hey! The Tokyo Metro Government's English-language page on earthquake safety contains sensible information, and we think their heart is in the right place, but those cartoons...wow. It is a safety poster or the lost cartoon version of Amos 'n' Andy Go to Japan?

As Japundit points out, the cartoons seem to be implying that you should "stay close to black men in areas where walls might fall. They will hold up the wall and allow you to escape." Let's hope they just mean that black men are taller than the Japanese.

For this one, the message seems to be that "black men tend to spread rumours but become quite contrite when yelled at." Hmm. Don't think we can justify that one.

Via Asiapundit

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