Bukhara, New Delhi

Where: ITC Sheraton Maurya, New Delhi, India
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The restaurant Bukhara, inside a business-class hotel in a heavily manicured section of Delhi, gets the sort of press that other restaurants would kill for. Fodor's says the food is "so mind-blowingly delicious that it hasn't changed in years"; the Eyewitness guide calls it "one of the finest restaurants in the city." But either the place has gone south or a recent visit found it on a really bad night -- the food and the service weren't at all worth the cost, which hovers around $40-$50 a head, booze not included.

Decorated with what Concierge.com aptly called "Flintstones-style decor, with stone walls and mock log-top tables," Bukhara is a manly place, where long rows of business guys and IT professionals can hunker down and run up a large bill. With the farcically high prices, especially for wine and cocktails, this is not hard. But if you're in a smaller group, it's likely you'll find yourself ignored for the bigger tables.

The food, modeled on typical tandoori dishes served near the Pakistan--Afghanistan border, is big, brassy and meaty, but strangely bland as well -- maybe this is what Bukhara thinks its many fans want. Vegetarians have options, but they all seems beside the point in the face of heaping plates of mutton and chicken. If you must go here, get someone else to pay.

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