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Sexy Flash Flight Attendants

December 13, 2006 at 10:30 AM | by | ()

Hot flight attendants never go out of style, but a couple of Eastern European airlines are taking temptation to the next and creepiest level. Then again, we've never flown LOT or Adria, so perhaps a hot cartoon is the best they've got. We're just assuming they play the game well given the way our country imports their kind into the fashion industry. Anyone care to pipe in with a rating for their staff?

Check out their websites and you'll notice some special ladies enticing you towards their new offers: low fares to Ljubljana for Adria, and a new business class for LOT. We like Adria's busty attendant because she winks at us and we're suckers for that personal touch. LOT's bait is a bit weirder: she's a leggy bird (literally) at the beck and call of her business class passengers. Where will these flash ladies turn up next? We sense a trend and will let you know if we spot them elsewhere across the web.

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