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Tallinn: Let Me Kiek in Your Kök

Where: Komandandi 2, Tallinn, Estonia
November 27, 2006 at 10:22 AM | by | ()

The 2007 Lonely Planet Bluelist is full of what these big travel guide publishing types think will be hot (and not) in the coming year has an interesting selection of cities in its Top Ten: all three capitals of Baltic countries Estonia, Lativa and Lithuania make the list, among others. One of our favorites is Estonian capital Tallinn, and according to Lonely Planet there's more than one good reason to head there:

The flair of the streets is decidedly fashion-forward, with boutiques bearing the imprint of rising Estonian designers, in contrast with centuries-old artisan traditions. The capital also boasts the largest wine cellars in the Baltics and plenty of medieval settings in which to imbibe.
Imbibing is well and good, but we can do that at home too--we recommend catching a distinctively Estonian sight, like the Kiek in de Kök, a 15th century cannon tower renowned as one of the most powerful towers on the Baltic coast. You'll find it on the Toompea Hill, still part of the medieval Old Town of Tallinn, and we love it especially for its name. Apart from the fact that Kiek in de Kök sounds damn cute, the meaning is also great: "peek in the kitchen", because that's what the guards could do into neighboring houses.

[Photo: dgaponeko]

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